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Top 5 Baby Items I’m Loving this Month- November

November has came and went. Like literally, I blinked and it was gone! POOF! Just like that! The month of November is always a busy month. This past month we celebrated my daughter’s birthday as well as my own. We also hosted Thanksgiving for the first time. And James turned 7 months old. Which means milestones! He’s officially sitting up on his own unassisted. He’s beginning to drink from a sippy cup. And just this past weekend he’s cut 2 teeth. WOWZERS! With all that being said, I have had a lot of baby items I’ve found new appreciation for! So since I completely forgot to do this for October, I thought I would be good and get my Top 5 in for November! So here we are! My Top 5 Baby Items I’m Loving for November!!!!




  1. Boppy Pillow- I really think I underestimated the Boppy Pillow when I first heard about it. I mean, I knew you used it as a nursing pillow and it was great for when James was doing tummy time….but now that he is sitting up on his own I appreciate it even more! I love being able to sit him in the pillow so that he can sit on the floor and play with his toys without being cooked up in his Exersaucer or bouncy seat for too long. Plus I still use it when I hold James for his feedings because it just makes it that much more comfortable for me. If you are a new mom, or getting ready to become a mom, I highly suggest getting one of these or including it on your baby registry. It is definitely worth every penny!


  1. Playgro Baby High Chair Spinning Toy- I love this so much for James. It’s perfect because it keeps James occupied while I’m preparing his meals. He could be screaming his head off and as soon as I stick it in front of him he is instantly engaged. It is also great because it has a suction cup you can attach to the high chair tray so it is not as easy to knock over onto the floor which has become one of James’s favorite past times!




  1. Not a Baby Item but-Selsun Blue- James had a pretty bad case of cradle cap that we could not get to go away. We were using an oatmeal based shampoo along with some oil on his scalp and it just wasn’t doing the trick. So following the suggestion of our pediatrician, we started using Selsun Blue and let me tell you, this stuff truly works. James is now flake free so we just have it on stand by now. But if your little one is suffering from cradle cap I suggest mentioning this to your pediatrician and giving it a try!



  1. Fisher-Price Bright Beats Dance & Move BeatBo- This little robot is one of James’s favorites! Its so cute because I could be sitting with James on one side of the room and if he sees his BeatBo on the other side he will just smile and smile and smile! I love that it plays music and has fun flashing lights that really grabs James’s attention. But what I love even more is that it is also an educational toy. It teaches colors, numbers and letters in fun little catchy songs. I won’t lie, I find myself singing along at times. Actually, let’s make that most of the time….but I’m not alone! Dad sings along too! Hahah (Sorry Adam!)


  1. Sassy Teething Feeder- I love this little teether so much because it allows me to help ease James’s teething pain while giving him something nutritious at the same time. So far, all I have used is frozen bananas but James absolutely loves them! He can’t get enough and it’s so cute watching him munch on his frozen nanners! If you have a little one who is teething and want to try a more natural remedy to teething pain then this is perfect for you! We don’t even bother with Orajel anymore!


Do you have any baby items that are/were your favorite for your 7 month old? I would love to hear what you found useful! Go ahead and share below in the comments! J  I’m always on the lookout for useful baby items!

November 29, 2016

10 Signs You Are a Working Mom

Working moms are a breed all their own. (Or should I say all our own? Ha!) If you ask me, it’s not very difficult to single us out, and if you are one of us, forget about it! You just know. But how might you ask? Well, I can tell you that there are some characteristics and similarities that all of us working moms possess. Maybe as you read these you might nod in acknowledgement. If you find the time to read this that is. Am I right?!?!

Well on with the list……10 Signs You Know You Are a Working Mom! 

1.       The fact that you even want to read this! No seriously though, would you even consider reading this if this wasn’t the case…just sayin!


2.       Your breast pump bag has now become one of your everyday work accessories, extra parts and all! You lug that beast with you every day to work like it’s going out of style. This along with your purse, lunch bag and work bag makes you the official working mom bag lady!


3.       You now carry breast milk. Yes, little bottles of breast milk for your little one. You carry them in your little cooler with its ice packs and you carry them proudly. You might even store them in the employee fridge and your fellow co-workers LOVE you for it! Just kidding. It totally freaks them out.


4.       Your days are long….I mean lllooooonnnnGGGG-UUHHH! You wake up at the crack of dawn to nurse or in my case pump. Then you proceed with getting ready for your work day….you know, showering and getting dressed for the day ahead. This is a luxury to most moms. Finding the time to shower and to wear anything besides yoga pants can be hard at times for us mothers! Then, after you complete your long work day, you come home to tend to your little ones until it is time for bed time. This leads into #5!


5.       You become a night owl. Not by choice but by necessity. Once you get your little one to bed, that’s when you get sh*t done! Laundry, dishes, chores….all that fun stuff…its done at night! For me, that means staying up way later than when my body tells me! Which then leads into #6.


6.       The Mombie. You know, it’s the zombie version of a mom. You are soooo tired from staying up late and then having to wake up at 5am in the morning that you’re like a walking, talking…..well mumbling….version of your true self. It truly is amazing you get anything done, but you keep trucking along because you know you must.


7.       Free time? What free time? I’ll tell you what free time….it’s your morning and evening commute to and from work! You look forward to it! You enjoy it! You actually wish it was longer!! This is the one time that you are under no obligations whatsoever! Besides obeying traffic laws of course. But this is your time, you can listen to whatever music you want as loud as you want. You can think about the day and just unwind. I LOVE it!


8.       During your 9 to 5, you find yourself scrolling through pictures of your little one on your phone. I mentioned this once before and I’ll mention it again. I do this ALL the time! I miss my little guy so much while I am at work and I find myself sneaking little peaks at my phone just so I can see his precious little face and picture him in my arms.


9.       You NEVER pack your lunch. Because who has time for that right?! Certainly not you! You reminisce of the days when you packed your Mason jar salads every day of the week, complete with every color of the rainbow and jam packed with nutritional value. Now, by the time I get my little man to bed I’m too tired to think about packing lunch. Besides, I have other more important things to do. And in the morning I’m still exhausted because I had to wake up early to take care of my motherly duties (pumping/ nursing). So I buy lunch EVERY day. It’s getting quite expensive actually.


10.   Coffee is your new best friend. With the lack of sleep and the long hours coffe is an absolute necessity. You need it like plants need water and drink at least 2-3 cups a day. Big cups. For me, this means I make a cup for my morning commute. I finish it before I even make it to work because I can actually drink it uninterrupted so once I get to work I buy more. Then, around midafternoon, if I still feel in a slump I go for more. Yeah, my coffee mug is an accessory along with my breast pump bag. So what?! Coffee is gooooood!!


So, there you have it! If you are exhibiting any of these signs then it is very likely you are a working mom. And with that, it is also very likely you are a super woman! Be proud! Hang in there. Remember you are not alone and there are other working moms out there going through all of the same things you are. If you know another working mom, be supportive of her. We need other moms to share our experiences with… to laugh and cry with because being a working mom can be hard, funny, enlightening and frustrating all at the same time!

Do you have anything you want to add to this list? It’s kind of funny to think of how much your work life changes once you become a mom. I know I didn’t cover it all so if I missed something feel free to comment below! Thanks for reading!



November 17, 2016

5 Obsessive Things I Did (and maybe still do) as a New Mom

Being a parent can be scary….especially when you have just introduced a new, fresh, little human being into this world. Want to make this even scarier?? This is your first! Whoa! Game changer! This little baby is here now….what do I do with him? And please don’t let me make any mistakes, right?!?!

Now for me, James is not my first. But honestly, he might as well be. My first, Tegan, was born nearly 20 years ago. (Now I feel old!) So when James was born, I would say 25% of me was thinking “I totally got this” while the other 75% of me was thinking “everything is so DIFFERENT now! What do I do?!?!” This leads into what this post is about. The obsessive behaviors new parents display including those of us who are “new again” parents. Here are 5 things I have found myself obsessing over.

Checking To See if My Baby is Breathing

I was guilty of doing this when Tegan was a baby and honestly I thought that during my second round of motherhood I would be better but NO. I check to see if James is breathing ALL THE TIME! (Notice I didn’t use the word “checked”.) At first it was just peeking into his bassinet periodically throughout the night. Then once he graduated to his crib it changed to staring intently at his baby monitor until I saw his chest move. Also included is the occasional run up the stairs to peak into his crib in person because yeah, I still do that too. My biggest fear is for something horrible to happen to James so I honestly feel like I can’t help it. Even if James was my 7th child I feel like I would still be doing this. I just worry so much! When he was still a newborn I even considered getting one of those Owlet Baby monitors but decided against it. When I worked in the Intensive Care Unit, most of the time alarms would sound off because of a monitoring device not being attached properly or coming undone and I pictured the Owlet monitor being similar to that. But I still think that as a parent it would be totally worth it just to have that peace of mind. But when I think more about it, I didn’t have any kind of monitor for Tegan whatsoever. Not even a regular baby monitor. She turned out fine so I just need to try not to worry so much.


Changing My Baby’s Diaper as Soon as the Magical Blue Line Appeared

I’m convinced this is a brilliant and diabolical marketing ploy to get obsessive moms to use more diapers. When James was first born, Adam and I would look at that blue line as our signal to change James. We were SOOO trained. Thankfully this did not last long. Diapers are expensive!! But for the brief period that it did, many many diapers were stuffed into our diaper Genie. I didn’t want my baby boy to end up with a red bottom and I was bound and determined to do everything possible to prevent that from happening. Now things have changed a bit. Rather than changing James at the first hint of a blue line, I usually just eyeball his diaper and give it a little feel. If it looks full and is really really mushy I change him. Simple as that! If James can go overnight without suffering from a diaper rash he can go a while with that little blue line on his tushy tush.


Constantly Checking Tracking App to See if it is Time for Another Feeding

Having a baby now vs. when I had Tegan means having a plethora of baby technology at my fingertips….in particular…APPS! There are tons of apps available to aide you in raising your littles. One that I really enjoyed and appreciated was the “Feed Baby” App available via Itunes. This app was a total lifesaver for me. I used it to track wet diapers and feedings. For mothers who breastfeed you can keep track of which breast you fed from last and how long the feeding lasted. I used the app to track my pumping sessions, how much I pumped and then how many ounces of breast milk and supplemental formula my little guy drank. But……while using this app, my obsessive like tendencies began to get the best of me! I was on this app so much, my thumbs were giving me guilt trips! HA! I would check this app repeatedly. Most of the time it was to see how long it was going to be until James’s next feeding but I also used it to see when his last BM was, because yes, this is something new moms sometimes obsess over too! This app also facilitated my obsession with how many ounces James was getting each day. OH! And it also takes the data you input and puts it in a graph!! The Type A nurse in me LOVED this! Sadly, the battery life on my phone did not! But it was still great to keep track of feedings and dirty diapers because the truth is, it’s important! But don’t get to the point where you are staring down at the screen on your phone more than you are your sweet little one’s precious tiny face.


Watching Everyone Like a Hawk that Holds My Baby

Now I don’t know about how you were/ are with your little ones, but when James was a newborn I watched everyone that held him like a hawk! I would make it natural you know…not like I was staring or anything…heh…at least I didn’t think I was staring. No one was creeped out that I’m aware of! LOL! But my biggest thing was how whoever was holding James at the moment would position him. When he was little it was all about supporting his head. I also hated it when one arm would kind of dangle and look like it was twisted around behind him. I don’t know if you can picture what I am talking about, but if you are like me at all then I think you probably know EXACTLY what I am talking about. I also hated it if I did not feel like they were holding him securely. So if that was the case I was right there beside them. (Am I a baby holder stalker…..yes, yes I am). Then of course James always had to be in my line of sight. If James was not in my field of vision, panic would set in and I would make an excuse to get up to go find HIM. I mean, you never know what a newborn could be getting into! He could be sticking a fork in the toaster or getting into the adult beverages or something! Babies are WILD!!!! Haha!

How I correctly hold James ;)

How I correctly hold James 😉

Now that James is older, I don’t do this nearly as often and I have learned to be more trusting when James is being held by someone other than his immediate family. He is a very robust child, very solid so usually I get him back in a decent amount of time anyways because he’s so heavy. Which puts this mom right here at ease!


Obsess Over My Milk Supply

When I started exclusively pumping I obsessed over every single drop of milk I pumped out. At first, when James was younger and not consuming as much, I was able to supply most of his meals. But as time went on the ration began to even out. 75% breast milk in a day changed to 50% breast milk in a day. That was when panic set in. I searched the far depths of Pinterest to find ways to boost my milk supply. I tried supplements, shakes, oat meal and bookies. I tried increasing my water intake (which I wasn’t very good at) and increasing my caloric intake. Some strategies produced a return but nothing I considered significant. But I would constantly check my output (which I tracked with my Feed Baby app) and compare it to the previous day’s to see which direction I was heading.

Now James maybe gets 25% breast milk a day. I still try, but I’ve not been too aggressive with it. He is 6 months old and I feel that getting breast milk from mommy for 6 months is a great achievement. I’m proud I have made it this long, especially with mommy working full time.


As mothers, it is perfectly normal to get a little obsessive from time to time. Honestly, I think it would almost be abnormal if we didn’t! Just try not to let it consume you to the point that you worry so much you’re missing out on the important things, like enjoying every moment you can with your little one while they are small. Take control of what you can. Worrying about things you cannot control is exhausting and can be unhealthy! Be a watchful mom, a mindful mom, a persistent mom, a kind, loving, caring mom. Try not to be the obsessive, worrisome mom. These precious early years with your little one will fly by. Relax and enjoy them! 🙂


October 27, 2016

My Breastfeeding Story

When I found out that I was pregnant with James I immediately decided that I wanted to breastfeed. I always felt like breastfeeding Tegan was an opportunity that I missed out on and wanted to take full advantage of its many benefits with James. Little did I know what was in store for me!

On the day that James was born I was breastfeeding him within an hour of his delivery. It was different for me at first but it truly put me in full blown “mommy mode” and made me more motivated than ever to make it happen. I was determined to breast feed him 100% and in my mind I kept telling myself that I was going to make this happen. How hard could it be? Breastfeeding is easy!!

Well, the first few times James latched on great, but with each added attempt it began to get more and more difficult. I remember the second night, like nearly every minute of it, because I was awake almost the entire time! All I wanted to do was sleep, especially after having a c-section and being up all day. But James would have none of that. It felt like he was crying every 15 minutes and each time he latched on it hurt more and more. He was a hungry little man and he just acted like I couldn’t feed him enough! The new term I learned that night was “cluster feeding”. I hated those two words so much, hated them with a passion. I remember looking over at Adam, who was trying to get in as much sleep as he could and thinking how I just wanted to throw something at him! I was soooo angry that he couldn’t breastfeed too! Why should I be the only one partaking in all this cluster feeding fun?! Do you feel me?!?! It was in this delirium that I began mentally concocting a special bra for men to allow them to breastfeed. Like, I came up with the marketing campaign and everything in my head that night. Hmmm, I wonder if they already have this?!?

So each passing hour while we were in the hospital got worse and worse and it didn’t help that all I wanted to do was get the heck out of there! There was a point where the lactation consultant was in our room for what seemed like hours and even though I know she meant well all I wanted for her to do was leave! I bit my tongue multiple times because I was ready to lash out at this poor woman, who really was doing an excellent job by the way. But it just wasn’t working the way it should. With that, I was tired of trying. I felt like I was getting nowhere. And on top of that I was beginning to worry that James was not getting enough to eat.

Once we were home it got worse. My nipples were getting sore and cracked and every time James would latch on the pain would be unbearable at first, making me tense up like 1000 pin needles poking me all at once. It was awful. The pain would go away after about 5 seconds but I dreaded every time he was due for a feeding. It got to the point where I was getting very upset. I would be in tears trying to breast feed James. I think this made James upset too. It was just awful. On top of that, when we took James to his first doctor’s appointment he had not gained any of his weight back yet. I know this is for the most part normal, but I just felt in my gut that James was not getting enough from me because he was not latching on properly. It was at this point that I decided it was time to exclusively pump.

Let me tell you, that was the best decision I could have made. James started packing on the pounds and I loved that I knew exactly how much he was getting with each feeding. The Type A Nurse in me loved it even more! Now it did come with some sacrifices. First, exclusively pumping is very time consuming because you have to pump enough to mimic the feeding schedule of your little one that way your supply does not decrease. And then on top of your pumping schedule, you still have to feed your little one. But the up side is that daddy can feed now too! Woo hoo!

So I will conclude with this. Everyone is different. Every baby is different. I’m not down for bottle shaming. I think that what is most important is that your little one is getting the nutrition that they need whether it comes from a breast, bottle, breastmilk or formula. You all are super moms no matter what your choice…and that is the thing, remember it is YOUR choice! Do what you need to do and what you feel is best!

And speaking of what you feel is best… rhymes with rest….and this mom is exhausted! So I’ll finish here. Are any of you exclusive pumpers, or maybe started one route and ended up on another? I would love to hear from you! Comment below! I’m sure others would love to hear your insights also!


September 23, 2016

Top 5 Baby Items I am Loving this Month- September

With each passing month, it is safe to say that the baby items I love and use change frequently. My use of baby products sort of evolve with James and so it’s kind of interesting to find out what things I find useful as each month passes by. With that being said, I have decided to do a monthly post on the top baby items I am currently loving for that month. If I have repeats I’ll have repeats but I always find it interesting to see what other mom’s like to use. So let’s get this party started! Let’s knock out September’s Top 5 Baby Items!


  1. Bandanna Baby Bibs from Cat & Jack- James is a very “drooly” baby. And when I say “drooly”, I mean he salivates like it’s his job. He kind of reminds me of the aliens from the Simpson’s Halloween episodes that are constantly salivating as they are thinking of 1001 ways to cook humans. Yeah it’s that bad! But Target’s clothing line Cat & Jack has the most adorable drool bibs. I got a two pack that includes a black cross design along with a gray and white striped design. They’re both super cute and after I washed them they kept their form compared to other drool bibs that I have purchased. James will literally drool until his shirt is soaked, and sometimes this doesn’t take very long at all, so right now, drool bibs are a necessity. And I would much rather have him wear one that looks like a bandanna instead of a regular bib. Got to keep the little man looking dapper!


  1. WubbaNub Brown Monkey Pacifier- This thing is a MUST! James has been using his “Wubby” as we call it for as long as I can remember now. Whenever we head out with James it is a given that one of us will ask “did you bring his wubby?” James tends to get fussy at times and I think he may even have a hint of a temper. 95% of the time it is appeased via the wubby. So it is safe to say that as James is attached to our hips, the wubby is attached to his lips. James has begun to suck his thumbs more and more, so he has relied less on his wubby than he normally does, but as of now, this thing is still a necessity! I would also like to add that whoever invented the WubbaNub is my hero!


  1. Infantino Ring-A-Links Teether Set- James is sooo responsive to his toy rings. All I have to do is hold these out in front of him and he is reaching out to grab them. At first, James seemed to be grabbing these more as a reflex rather than with purpose, but now I definitely see the intent as he reaches out and grabs his rings. I think he really enjoys all the colors and textures. Even better is that they are inexpensive, making a developmental must have such as this super affordable and easy to include in your little one’s toy inventory!


  1. Bright Starts Giraffe Snuggle Teether- I love this little giraffe so much for James for several reasons! First, it is super cute! That’s a given! Second, it has the crinkly paper inside of it….so I will admit, I do catch myself crinkling it in my own fingers every now and then because I like the feel and I like the sound……what?? Third, it is super cute! Last and most important of all, it is really easy for James to hold on to. Especially when he was just starting to begin holding onto things, this little guy was a go to. Still is. In the early months I think James just really enjoyed staring into those big giraffe eyes, now he likes to hold onto it and chew on Mr. Giraffe’s face…..hehe. And did I mention it is super cute??



  1. Munchkin Digital Bottle Warmer- This baby is a life saver! We didn’t get one from any of our baby showers and I will admit that I underestimated its value. I went into my second round of motherhood thinking that I was going to breast feed James all the way. Things didn’t quite turn out that way, which is a whole other story. So when it came time to give James supplemental formula we were heating his bottles up by leaving them in hot water for 20 minutes. Now, I, as well as any other parent out there will tell you, time is a valuable thing! Every minute counts….literally….every single minute. So when this baby shaved off 16 minutes of bottle heating time 4-5 times a day which is up to 80 minutes of time given back to us…it was fist bumps and high fives all the way! Also, it made for a very happy baby!


I hope you found this list useful! There are so many useful baby gadgets out there and many more that come out each month! I would love to hear your input on any of these items if you use them for your babies! Thanks for reading!! J



September 17, 2016

5 Ways to Keep Your Baby Occupied so You Can Get Things Done

If you find yourself struggling to get things checked off your “to do” list because your tending to your little ones know that you are not alone! I struggle with this every day as well as many other mothers out there, which I’m sure is not news to you! My schedule has been non-stop since our little man’s arrival so any time where I can do things I need or want to do is precious. Below is a list of strategies I have been using to try to keep James occupied so I can get things done. James is about 4 months old right now so I know this list will change as he gets older. What’s even better is I know it will get longer! (YAAAYYY!!) But let’s not celebrate too early! Here the top 5 things I do to occupy James so I can get things done! (It is here that I must say: What works for me may not work for you! This is just what I do to get by day by day!)

  1. If you have a MamaRoo, a Bumbo or a bouncy seat of some sort…use it! Don’t let these wonderful inventions sit around to gather dust! One thing I must mention before I go on, make sure to put a little thought into it before getting the MamaRoo. It is more expensive than a regular bouncy seat and there’s always the 50/50 chance your baby won’t respond to it the way you’d like. We bought a MamaRoo for James and it was wonderful during those early months. We could put him in it and he would fall right to sleep. But then we ended up buying a bouncy seat, mainly for trips to the grandparents because it’s just so much more portable than a MamaRoo. Now I find that the MamaRoo is hardly used at all. We have it on standby of course and we still use it from time to time, but if you don’t want to spend a lot of money on that sort of thing just keep in mind that, although very nice, all the fancy tricks of a MamaRoo isn’t all that necessary.


  1. Remember all those people who stopped by to visit and meet your precious new little one when they entered the world and said to you “if you ever need anything let me know” or “I can babysit”?! CALL THEM! Totally take advantage of any help you can get to get things done. Especially if it is down to the wire and something important. It gets pretty frustrating when you can’t get anything finished. Trust me I know. It’s even more frustrating when you feel it is beyond your control. You’re trying the best that you can but sometimes you just really need to get a helping hand and there isn’t anything wrong with that. When your “to do” list begins to manifest itself into mountains of laundry, piles of clutter and in my case, tumbleweeds of dog fur begging to be sucked up by the vacuum that is now gathering dust PICK UP THE PHONE! You’re feeling overwhelmed! Don’t let your to do list get any bigger! Don’t turn down help when it is offered. They wouldn’t have offered if they were not more than willing to help.


  1. I know this is bad but sometimes you just need to give in and stick your kid in front of the television. I felt a little guilty about this one at first but the guilt only lasted for like 2 minutes, then I came to the realization that this is pretty awesome….and highly effective! A combination of #1, bouncy seat, and some form of video stimulation whether it be from cartoons or a movie or even just regular television is a combination that James finds very hard to resist at most times. It is effective I would say at least 85% of the time and usually stays effective anywhere from 30 minutes to an hour. When I first set James down in front of the television I’m not going to lie, I immediately had the picture in my head of a teenage James sitting in front of the television with a bag of cheese puffs. But that picture left real quick. Time is precious. And being a mom is hard work. You have things to do and sometimes you just have to do what you have to do!


  1. This one is a given. Get your kid to sleep! Maybe it is just conveniently time for a nap? If it is nearly time, take advantage! My husband Adam and I do not keep any kind of napping schedule for James. We just let him sleep when he’s tired and try to take full advantage of that time. Some days James will nap a lot and other days hardly at all. So any time your child is napping I suggest making the most of that time. I will admit that I have used many of my child’s nap times to sit and scroll around on Facebook and Instagram on my phone. Don’t do that! Unless you really have nothing else important to do of course. Actually, you do what you want with your time! But for me, I know I feel better if I at least get something productive done while James is napping. Even better, if I can get a nap in while James is napping, I feel like I’ve hit the jackpot! Sleep is SOOOO valuable anymore as I know many mothers are aware!


  1. My least favorite strategy of all…..letting him cry it out. Again, sometimes you got to do what you got to do. I only resort to this when I absolutely have no other choice. And if James cries for too long (longer than 30 minutes) then that is when I usually start waving my white flag. I surrender! James is the victor! I can’t let him cry any longer than that. It’s just me. I can’t bear it. I guess I fear that one day when he’s older he’s going to look down at me and mouth the words “I know what you did” as he releases the handles of my wheelchair and I begin my descent down a very large, very steep hill. But hopefully he doesn’t last 30 minutes. Hopefully #5 metamorphoses into #4 and the child goes to sleep! Usually this is the case and you know….winner winner chicken dinner!


So hopefully some of you found this useful. I know it is mostly common sense but sometimes common sense isn’t easy to come by when you have a huge list of things to do and a baby that wants nothing else but his mommy. It is so hard in the early months and really does get easier as each week rolls by.

I want to know what other mommies do to occupy their children to get things done. If there is something that you do that really works awesome for you I would love to know! Comment below with any tricks of the mommy trade you have either used or heard of that I didn’t mention! I’m really interested in hearing what you all do to get things accomplished each day!


September 13, 2016

What’s in my Diaper Bag

So before James was born I will admit that I had a very unhealthy obsession with “What’s in my Diaper Bag” articles and videos. I watched TONS of these videos on Youtube and read about a million blog posts on this topic through Pinterest, taking mental notes of what everyone packed in their bags for their little babes! I wanted to know what was the best bag, what I needed and what I didn’t need, along with what everyone carries with them when they are on the go with their children. I was OBSESSED! I’ve probably watched and read them all! So it is only fitting that one of my very first blog posts be a “What’s in my Diaper Bag” post because of course I want to put my two cents in!

What's in my bag numbered

The diaper bag I carry and absolutely LOVE is the B.F.F. Diaper Bag from Ju-Ju-Be in the print “The Countess”. This bag holds everything and keeps me so organized when I’m out and about on mommy duty! What all does it hold you ask? Well let me tell you!

BFF Diaper bag

  1. Changing Pad- This bag comes with its own memory foam changing pad. I have another one I carry also that is more compact, but the changing pad the bag came with is super nice.
  1. Ziploc Freezer Bag- I like to keep these on hand for any items that may get soiled- trust me, you’ll want to have these available to you!
  1. Munchkin Arm & Hammer Diaper Bag Refills- I just keep the refills. I was nice and let my husband keep the dispenser. But these are really nice for when you are in public and need to throw away a dirty diaper.
  1. Mam Pacifier Wipes- Because pacifiers fall on the ground, and they go in your baby’s mouth. Wipe that paci off and don’t be gross.
  1. Baby brush- I like to keep a baby brush on hand for my little man. He has a lot of hair so I always need to make sure my little guy looks like the dapper gentleman that he is.Diaper Clutch
  1. ELARI 5-in-1 Diaper Clutch and Portable Changing Station- Let me tell you, this thing is AWESOME! If you don’t necessarily want to take your diaper bag with you but are going someplace with your little one, then this is the next best thing. I usually keep 3 diapers in here, wipes, sanitizer spray and A&D ointment. It also comes with its own little compact changing pad. What’s really cool about this clutch… when you no longer need to use it as a diaper clutch, you can keep it as a makeup bag….how awesome is that?!?!
  1. Hand Sanitizer- As a mother, you can NEVER have too much hand sanitizer.
  1. Sandals- I keep a pair of baby sandals in my bag. Most of the time I don’t bother putting shoes on James, but you never know when you might want to slap those babies on his little adorable feet so I keep them on standby.
  1. Munchkin Arm & Hammer Nursery Fresheners- I keep one of these in my bag just to keep it smelling nice and fresh!
  1. Philips AVENT Powder Formula Dispenser and Snack Cup- I like to have emergency formula on standby for when I am out with James. This container is great because it has 3 compartments in it to separate your formula so I know I can keep exactly the amount of formula I need to make 3 bottles for James. What’s even better is that you can take the divider out and use the container as a snack cup for when your child is older! I love items that have multiple uses!
  1. Baby Toys- I like to take toys along with me just in case for James. I love Sophie the Giraffe because she is easy for James to grab on to and completely safe for him to chew on. I also have a little baby rattle for him that he really enjoys.
  1. Sunnies- Because James is a cool kid.
  1. Vaseline Lip Therapy: Rosy Lips- Because mom gets dry lips!Spare clothes bagBib BagLittle medicine bag


  1. Ju-Ju-Be Be Set Bags- I use these to keep me organized. It comes with a large, medium and small pouch. I like these because they keep everything organized in my bag and I know exactly where everything is. In the large pouch I like to keep 2 sets of clean clothes for James. More often than not I need them! In the medium pouch I keep his burp cloth along with a baby bib and in the smallest pouch I like to keep my little man’s baby Tylenol, gas drops and teething medicine.

I do keep other things in James’s bag that I forgot to take pictures of. I always have a bottle on hand for James because of course I have to have a way to feed him! (I don’t know how many times I’ve nearly forgotten it too! The day it happens, and it probably will, I know I’m going to be devastated!) In addition to the bottle I also like to bring a receiving blanket with me. I use this mainly as a cover for when I’m burping James. It’s like a scene from the Exorcist when he spits up….so better on it than me!

I hope you found this list useful. If you have anything that you find is a MUST to take along when you are out and about with your little ones please comment below! I would love to hear what you take along in your diaper bags!!

August 29, 2016