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August 2016

What’s in my Diaper Bag

So before James was born I will admit that I had a very unhealthy obsession with “What’s in my Diaper Bag” articles and videos. I watched TONS of these videos on Youtube and read about a million blog posts on this topic through Pinterest, taking mental notes of what everyone packed in their bags for their little babes! I wanted to know what was the best bag, what I needed and what I didn’t need, along with what everyone carries with them when they are on the go with their children. I was OBSESSED! I’ve probably watched and read them all! So it is only fitting that one of my very first blog posts be a “What’s in my Diaper Bag” post because of course I want to put my two cents in!

What's in my bag numbered

The diaper bag I carry and absolutely LOVE is the B.F.F. Diaper Bag from Ju-Ju-Be in the print “The Countess”. This bag holds everything and keeps me so organized when I’m out and about on mommy duty! What all does it hold you ask? Well let me tell you!

BFF Diaper bag

  1. Changing Pad- This bag comes with its own memory foam changing pad. I have another one I carry also that is more compact, but the changing pad the bag came with is super nice.
  1. Ziploc Freezer Bag- I like to keep these on hand for any items that may get soiled- trust me, you’ll want to have these available to you!
  1. Munchkin Arm & Hammer Diaper Bag Refills- I just keep the refills. I was nice and let my husband keep the dispenser. But these are really nice for when you are in public and need to throw away a dirty diaper.
  1. Mam Pacifier Wipes- Because pacifiers fall on the ground, and they go in your baby’s mouth. Wipe that paci off and don’t be gross.
  1. Baby brush- I like to keep a baby brush on hand for my little man. He has a lot of hair so I always need to make sure my little guy looks like the dapper gentleman that he is.Diaper Clutch
  1. ELARI 5-in-1 Diaper Clutch and Portable Changing Station- Let me tell you, this thing is AWESOME! If you don’t necessarily want to take your diaper bag with you but are going someplace with your little one, then this is the next best thing. I usually keep 3 diapers in here, wipes, sanitizer spray and A&D ointment. It also comes with its own little compact changing pad. What’s really cool about this clutch… when you no longer need to use it as a diaper clutch, you can keep it as a makeup bag….how awesome is that?!?!
  1. Hand Sanitizer- As a mother, you can NEVER have too much hand sanitizer.
  1. Sandals- I keep a pair of baby sandals in my bag. Most of the time I don’t bother putting shoes on James, but you never know when you might want to slap those babies on his little adorable feet so I keep them on standby.
  1. Munchkin Arm & Hammer Nursery Fresheners- I keep one of these in my bag just to keep it smelling nice and fresh!
  1. Philips AVENT Powder Formula Dispenser and Snack Cup- I like to have emergency formula on standby for when I am out with James. This container is great because it has 3 compartments in it to separate your formula so I know I can keep exactly the amount of formula I need to make 3 bottles for James. What’s even better is that you can take the divider out and use the container as a snack cup for when your child is older! I love items that have multiple uses!
  1. Baby Toys- I like to take toys along with me just in case for James. I love Sophie the Giraffe because she is easy for James to grab on to and completely safe for him to chew on. I also have a little baby rattle for him that he really enjoys.
  1. Sunnies- Because James is a cool kid.
  1. Vaseline Lip Therapy: Rosy Lips- Because mom gets dry lips!Spare clothes bagBib BagLittle medicine bag


  1. Ju-Ju-Be Be Set Bags- I use these to keep me organized. It comes with a large, medium and small pouch. I like these because they keep everything organized in my bag and I know exactly where everything is. In the large pouch I like to keep 2 sets of clean clothes for James. More often than not I need them! In the medium pouch I keep his burp cloth along with a baby bib and in the smallest pouch I like to keep my little man’s baby Tylenol, gas drops and teething medicine.

I do keep other things in James’s bag that I forgot to take pictures of. I always have a bottle on hand for James because of course I have to have a way to feed him! (I don’t know how many times I’ve nearly forgotten it too! The day it happens, and it probably will, I know I’m going to be devastated!) In addition to the bottle I also like to bring a receiving blanket with me. I use this mainly as a cover for when I’m burping James. It’s like a scene from the Exorcist when he spits up….so better on it than me!

I hope you found this list useful. If you have anything that you find is a MUST to take along when you are out and about with your little ones please comment below! I would love to hear what you take along in your diaper bags!!

August 29, 2016

First Post!!!

I had to use a great deal of strategy to be able to steal away time to write this intro. A year ago, I would have been able to write this whenever I wanted, totally taking my precious time and of course procrastinating as if my life depended on it. Flash forward a year later and every SECOND of free time is treasured as if I were counting down the minutes during my last day on earth. Okay, I may be exaggerating just a teeny bit. But I really used to take my time for granted.

A year ago around this time my husband Adam and I were preparing to move my daughter/ Adam’s stepdaughter Tegan into her dorm for her freshman year in college. I was sooo excited to experience life as an empty nester while still in my thirties. In my head I was even thinking how lucky I was to be able to be free to do whatever I wanted as others around my age were tied down, still in the midst of raising their own children. I imagined myself getting off work and going for drinks with my girlfriends, drinking Cosmopolitans “Sex in the City” style. HA! Well……

On OR table

Literally 3 days after we moved Tegan out, Adam and I were grocery shopping when I came to the realization that Aunt Flow was late for her monthly visit. I told Adam and we bought a pregnancy test. You can probably guess the rest……this girl was preggers!

Newborn James

Funny thing is Adam and I had spent the last couple years trying to conceive. We went as far as each of us going to the doctor to check to see if it was possible for us to even have a baby. We were to the point where we were accepting the fact that we would never get pregnant and we were honestly somewhat comfortable with that. But God had a plan for us…..and his name is Baby James.

Side newborn James

I write this now looking over at the most beautiful baby boy I have ever laid eyes on. I have him in his bouncy seat which I have strategically positioned in front of the television (I feel sooo guilty about this!) with cartoons on so that I can write this. BTW, it’s working…for now!!!!

Tegan and James

Our household has grown by one tiny little person. He has turned our world upside down, making us appreciate things like time, sleep and mommy/daddy date nights. He has taken control of our household as well as taken a hold of our hearts. Adam, Tegan and I have all had our turns rocking him to sleep late at night, cradling his little body in our arms and holding him close. He has brought this family closer than it has ever been before and I look forward to what the future brings.

Daddy and James

Since James has come into my life I have a newly found obsession with anything baby and mommy related…..thus the creation of this platform. I want to be able to share a piece of my life with you all as well as share all of the little tidbits of information that I have found valuable during this journey of mine. I hope you enjoy. I have to go now. The “bouncy seat in front of the television” strategy is no longer working! ☺

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August 18, 2016